Equine Assisted Therapy

Horses teach humans
Equine Assisted Therapy & Learning – Horses teaching humans

Horses teach humans (as they taught me)
I first became aware of the effectiveness of Equine Assisted Therapy after witnessing the impact of the work in action at a ‘Horse Sense for Life’ Open Day in 2013. Thus inspired (me, a former sceptic) I went on to embrace the wisdom of the horse and embark on a magical journey of ‘Equine Assisted Growth and Learning’ which resulted in my becoming a certified EAGALA Model Facilitator in 2017.

Why Horses
Because horses are prey animals they are constantly on the alert to peril or danger within their midst, with a default action of ‘flight’ in the face of threat. By virtue of this, they are able to sense emotional distress, intentions, positive and negative behaviours and patterns in predators, and therefore in us as humans, because we are predatory and emotional beings. As a result of this ability to detect a human’s emotional state and needs immediately, through reading our body language and energy, they present us with a mirror into our own feelings by providing feedback in an emotionally honest and non-judgemental way. Using the authentic social construct, that the horse herd cohabits as a community, the more we as humans replicate that honesty to ourselves, the more we can find a route along our own authentic pathway with a capacity for metaphoric learning that is infinite.

Teach us to achieve
working with horses as co-facilitators is a proven way to connect with and teach us in all areas of human development and is as effective in groups as it is with individuals. I work with individuals (children and adults), families and organisations utilising the EAGALA (2 people) solution-focused framework in all aspects of mental health, self-empowerment, leadership, and team building by increasing the sense of self. Use our contact page to find out more about working In Harmony with horses.

  • As a Certified EAGALA facilitator, all equine work is done in observance of their Code of Ethics
  • The work is entirely ground-based – No riding is involved
  • Locations in South Oxfordshire & Pembrokeshire