Online & Phone Counselling

Online Counselling In-Harmony online individual therapy consists of regular long-term & short-term work, online video, and telephone counselling, usually weekly, 50 minutes sessions within a confidential space with myself and accessed by you from the privacy of your own home/space, thus saving time and reducing costs.

In-Harmony Online therapy is designed to make the service we provide as broadly accessible as possible with improved simplicity of connection (all you need is access to a PC, tablet or smartphone), which can for many be less intimidating than a more traditional consultation room setting, with no loss of success compared to face-to-face counselling.

Online CounsellingTelephone Counselling
Clients who don’t have regular access to the internet opt for Telephone Counselling, where all you need is a landline or mobile phone. Telephone Counselling provides a flexible and convenient alternative for disabled and housebound clients, providing a relaxed way of receiving personalised affordable therapeutic support at home.

I am committed to working In-Harmony and with diversity by extending my reach to clients who would struggle either physically or emotionally to be with me in a consultation room.

How long does therapy last?
The number of sessions we have together usually depends on what you want to achieve. Short term is normally 6-12 sessions, open-ended counselling incorporates regular joint reviews ensuring that your needs receive continued support to an outcome that will fulfill your expectation.

The fee for a 50 minute online or telephone consultation is £45. Fees are payable in advance via bank transfer.
I have a limited number of concessionary spaces and offer a reduced fee for students, please contact me for further details.